Timmy Gordecki is one of the minor characters in Lucky Fred. He's the owner of Speedy and the Champion (now co-champion with Braianna) of the "Smash That Bot!" tournament.


He's a genius with robotics who built his really fast robot Speedy himself. He is a fan favorite in every matches he has played and he always wins. Not until Fred beats him and "destroys" his robot using Friday in one of the matches for the tournament for amateur robot builders and becoming the grand champion, Timmy got extremely sad over his damaged robot.

After that, he uses Braianna's help in order to build a new and better robot than Friday "Little Miss Missile Hands," beating Friday and reclaim his championship.

After that, in a burger party held in Brianna's house, when Timmy started missing his own robot again, Braianna shows him that she rebuilt Speedy for him.

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