The Protectors' Super Commander is a de facto main character of Lucky Fred. He is the head of the Protectors and he is also Agent Brains' father. He rarely appears in-person and commonly appears on the Control Panel.


His hair color is Geyser-Ebony Clay and his eyes (like his daughter's) are Magenta (dye). He wears a Black-Cloud Burst jacket with a logo of a P (for the Protectors), an Amaranth suit and Cod Gray sneakers. Also, he once wore a Black bandana as a disguise at her daughter's school.



  • Like his daughter, he has a disguise of his own, he is seen wearing a Black bandana on Episode 26.
  • The first time he is seen on Earth's surface was on Episode 14.
  • He only had 3 personal appearances with her daughter:

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