Potato Cola is a beverage product of the Potatoids.


S1 E28 Potato Cola

Its only known production facility and main storage is the Potatoids' ship.


S1 E28 SC like a baby

The first known consumer is the Super Commander which till today has no idea that he acted like a baby and he isn't immune to it (even though strong-willed). The effects are only temporary and it wears off depending on how physically active the drinker is and how many drinks the person consumed.

After effect

S1 E28 suckers

It is possible that there is one after effect where the consumer has retained the habit of sucking a pacifier which is either the effects haven't fully worn off or an after effect.

Known drinkers


  • There are several remaining back at the school's janitor's room. Though Agent Brains might have already disposed of them.

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