Mama K (or Mrs. Krekechevsky) is one of the background characters of Lucky Fred. Mama K is a conventional woman with physical appearance very similar to his son Wally K. She has a short temper and is very strict with her son.


Its appearance is almost identical to her son: same hair color, same facial features, freckles on her face, her eyes, her nose and mouth are almost identical to his mother. She has a very rugged look and her voice is very loud and deep. Their clothing consists of a red headband above her head, a gray sweater, a pink blouse, a skirt and lilac heels are red.


Her first appearance was in Episode 11, Wally K and Braianna had a quarrel and Principal Darling calls both of their parents. She goes looking for his son, taking him from the ear.

In Episode 33, when Braianna's robot parents threw thousands of roses (from the spaceship) on the city. Wally K took a rose and gave it to his mother for Sant Jordi's Day.

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