Chat Moderators are users who have chat moderator status in chat in order to moderate a wiki's chat room. To identify a chat moderator, a star will be next to the name in the rail. The chat moderator right can only be given by admins, bureaucrats, or the Wikia staff. For easy recognition, rollbackers have their usernames in a Dark Khaki or Orchid (if also a patroller) color in the recent changes and article history.

Chat Moderator's abilities

  • Kick (admins and moderators only) will kick that user out of the chat
  • Ban will allow you to ban the user for a specific set of time (chosen from a dropdown menu) as well as allow you to state a reason why. Bans can also be set from the User contribs page.

Who are this wiki's chat moderators?

Note: Chat Moderators who are also administrators, bureaucrats or patrollers are not included in this section

How do I Become a Chat Moderator?

The Chat Moderator right can be requested by any trusted user, please read User Rights Requests Guideline and file an application/nomination at the Board of User Rights.


Chat Moderators are permitted to use {{UR Agent}} on their userpage, to identify them as such. The template looks like:

UR Agent
This User is a Chat Moderator on Lucky Fred Wiki. That means that this user can kickban, and ban Users who spam/troll on chat.

If also a rollbacker and chat moderator, then they use {{UR Sub-lieutenant}}:

UR Sub-lieutenant
This User is a Content and Chat Moderator on Lucky Fred Wiki. That means that this user can moderate the wiki's content and chat simultaneously.