Little Miss Missile Hands is a female robot co-created by Braianna and Timmy Gordecki to show Fred and Friday robots that girls could also compete in "Smash That Bot!." She manages to win easily against Friday.


It is a feminine pink robot with two black eyes with eyelashes, has a big mouth with teeth and lips are painted. On her chest is a small red heart, has two arms and missile fingers.she also has a small wheel under his body for moving.


Little miss missile hands is a very physically strong female robot that can launch small missiles from her fingertips, hence the reason for her name. she Can extend and elongate her arms to place missiles when the opponent is weakened to send it flying out of control.


First appeared in Episode 10, she easily won against Friday, devastated him into the fight arena and becoming the grand champion.

In Episode 31, a dead robot that appears to be her is found in the "Planet of the waste" to be destroyed along with other robots.


  • When Friday tried to flirt with her for the second time in the house burger party she sent him flying without Braianna or Timmy's controlling her.

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