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The aliens are attacking Brains (or Jenny in French)! Destroy them all by shooting them without getting hit. Be careful, you have only three lives to pass the 5 levels of the game!


Points gained

Every time you advance to the next level the difficulty rises and so as the points you gain from shooting aliens.

  • Level 1: 100
  • Level 2: 300
  • Level 3: 500
  • Level 4: 500
  • Level 5: 1000


Take Note

  • You can shoot 3 times and can shoot again until all of the 3 projectiles reaches the ground.
  • You can nullify an enemy projectile by just shooting at it.
  • Evade as much as possible to advance to more difficult levels.


There are only 3 keys that you must use to play the game: left arrow, right arrow and space bar.

Keys Function
and Movements
Space bar Shoot


  • In the instructions below the game says you have to pass 6 levels, but the game actually ends on level 5.

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