Agent Alpha One (or α 1) is a minor character of Lucky Fred. He is the Protectors' "best special agent of all time" in Agent Brains's perspective. But he is actually an actor.


His hair color is Green, Yellow and Red in hue and his eyes are Green in hue. He wears a Amaranth suit and has the elegance to wear different clothes just for the occasion.


He is elegant, refined, cool and calm. But on film he is serious-looking, a very famous and popular actor as the Protectors' best special agent of all time. He was sent on a mission to capture and arrest the mutant octopus by mistake, instead of Agent One Alpha. Though he cannot fight aliens and is scared of them. After witnessing Fred defeating the giant mutant, he then made Fred his mentor in a game of "Whac-A-Worm," to maybe teach him on how to fight real aliens.

Agent Brains version


  • He thought everything was just a play throughout most of the episode.
  • The Super Commander wants an autograph from him.

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